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Friday, August 26, 2016

How to Blog for AVON -- Part Two

How to Blog for AVON -- Part Two

In my previous post, I gave you some basic information about getting started with an AVON blog. This continuation will give you more detailed information on getting the most out of your blogging experience. The posts in my "How to Blog for AVON" series will pertain to those who choose to use Blogger as their blogging platform. However, you should find that you can apply most of this information and to other blogs or other projects in the future.

A Tour of My AVON Blog

I cannot believe I did not say this in my first post, but please, take a look around my AVON blog!
  • A huge winner in my basic blog is the "Featured Post" section. As of right now, I have it set to an advertisement for my AVON Sample Club. I have actually acquired many contacts who would like to be sent free AVON samples from me. (I will admit I have not spent as much time as I intended on fulfilling the sample requests in a timely manner but the fact that people are reaching that section is a great sign!)
  • Be sure to include links to important pages at the very top of your blog. Some advanced information about your links will be a part of the next portion of this series. For now at least link to your AVON eStore, from there your customer should be able to easily navigate to the AVON website and to wherever else they want to visit.
    • Your AVON eStore
    • AVON Coupon Codes (a MUST for AVON Reps to include on their blog)
    • Hotlinks to the AVON Brochure and Product Categories
  • Complete your Blogger profile with as much or as little information as you would like to share. At the very least, include your name, your picture (use the same picture you have for your AVON eStore), and links to your AVON eStore, your blog, and your social media accounts.

Description, Labels, and Links

Once you are ready to write your blog posts, you will notice that there is a bar on the right hand side of your screen (for Desktop users) with the following options: Labels, Permalink, Search Description and more. This section is very important to helping your blog post get views from those looking for information about AVON.


As far as the Labels section, it is important to include keywords and phrases that you believe people would search for if they were looking to find your post. For example, depending on the type of skincare product you are writing about, you should include some of the following keywords: ANEW, skincare, cream, lotion, serum, Avon products, new, vitamin C, wrinkles, and/or resurfacing fluid. Avoid wasting space with words that search engines ignore including "a", "the", "an", "and", etc.


The Permalink is the "permanent link" to your blog post. Once you have published your blog post, you will not want to make changes to this section as it will reset your search engine ranking for this page. That is bad. You never want to start from the bottom all over again with your posts. Blogger automatically creates a permalink for every single one of your blog posts, but I suggest you change the permalink if it does not contain words that one would use to search for your post. For example, if you are writing your introduction post, you may want your permalink to read "about-avon-rep-jule-leesburg-va." In search, the hyphens will be assumed to be spaces so use them wisely.


Make it a habit to add a few links on your blog posts. For example, if you mention your AVON eStore within your post a few times, create a link to your AVON eStore directly on "eStore" within your post. Only do this once per major keyword. As visitors read your content, they may be inclined to visit the webpage that corresponds with the topic you are discussing. That is the point, right?

Search Description

The Search Description is basically the blurp that will be seen by someone who is shown your post link in a website search. For my AVON blog posts, I always want to include the main topic of the post, the fact that I am an AVON Rep, and my eStore URL. I have not tracked how well this has been working for me but my blog posts pop up when I do a search for myself as an AVON Rep.

Keep Your Contacts Open & Available

When you are blogging especially for the purposes of increasing your AVON business, it is important to leave information at your readers' fingertips. Make it a habit to be transparent in how your potential customers can keep in touch with you. Always include links to your social media accounts, a link to your AVON eStore, and maybe a little blurb on signing up for AVON at the bottom of your posts. By keeping information at your customers' fingertips, they will be more likely to interact with it. As time goes by, you will find that for every 100 people who view your blog posts, you will probably have around 10 people actually visit your eStore, follow you on social media, etc on average.

Using Your AVON eStore Blog

Like I mentioned in my previous post, AVON eStores are not indexed yet. Anything that you include on your AVON eStore is only viewable by those who reach your website from your www.youravon.com link. You are probably wondering why you should even bother with your AVON eStore blog but once you start using Blogger, adding content to your AVON eStore blog is a piece of cake!
I'm hoping you have actually taken the time to view what is available thru YourAvon.com as far as blogging goes. This is probably why you considered using a secondary blog in the first place. To the naked eye, the blog provided by AVON does not seem to have much functionality. Yes, in a way this is true because the average AVON Rep is not going to know how to effectively use their AVON blog.

Take a second to view my official AVON blog here.

If you have attempted to use your AVON blog before, I will be your eyes just popped out of your head! You may be saying, "HOW IN THE WORLD DID SHE GET PICTURES AND FORMATTING IN HER AVON BLOG?!" It's actually quite simple. When you have created your beautiful blog post in Blogger in the "Compose" mode, click the "HTML" tab in the top left corner. You will see your lovely post converted to HTML format for you!

To transfer this work of art to your AVON eStore blog, simply copy and paste all of that HTML into your AVON blog post. Note: You will not be able to include links on your AVON eStore blog so you will have to temporarily unlink any words you have hyperlinked before copying and pasting from your Blogger blog to your AVON eStore blog. Be sure to add an appropriate blog post title and save. If AVON eStores ever end up getting indexed properly, your eStore will have a huge advantage to those who never bothered adding any content. :)

View part one: How to Blog for AVON -- The Basics

How to Blog for AVON -- The Basics

How to Blog for AVON

AVON Rep Jule Berry-Whiting Shop my AVON eStore www.youravon.com/jule
Working AVON on-the-go
My name is Jule Berry-Whiting and I have been an AVON Rep since October 2015. I have reached milestones within just a few months with AVON that I was unable to reach with other companies. I am going to chalk this up to the fact that AVON is truly a household name having been around for 130 years. Many of the products simply sell themselves. Also, people are more willing to try new products from AVON because it's a familiar name. One thing I did early on with AVON that I cannot remember doing with other companies is starting an AVON blog. Apparently I did something right as I have had a few requests to "teach" others how to blog. I have decided to write this post to share with you all how I blog for AVON. Please do not get discouraged, simply try your best and you will get better with time.

Choose a Secondary Blog

First of all, I do not believe the AVON website is indexed at all on the internet. Why? I have no idea. Maybe it's just the way AVON Representatives' replicated websites are setup so basically a software flaw. When a site is indexed, every word associated with each page is turned into text and allowed to be searched by people online. In order to be found by potential customers online without them knowing your name ahead of time, you will want to have content on the internet that matches typical web searches. In a way this is great because the Reps who showcase the most creativity will achieve the highest ranks on search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc. With that being said, someone who wants to establish a customer base outside of their warm market (friends, family, and co-workers) will need to utilize other means to make their presence known outside of just simply having an AVON eStore. This can, in turn, be horrible for AVON Reps who are just starting out as a simple web search will always bring up pages of AVON Reps who have been contributing to the internet the longest and those with the most people clicking on their websites regardless of how rich the content is they are providing. (For this reason, I have limited the amount of time I spend exploring other AVON Reps' websites as continuing to visit their websites is actually pushing my content further and further down the chain. Have you noticed that there are a ton of websites offering new AVON Representatives advice? Exactly!) I have not used many blogging platforms but after my negative experience with Wordpress (my fault for not thoroughly reading the terms and conditions for free accounts), I have come to love the Blogger blogging platform.

Why I Love Blogger

AVON Rep Jule Berry-Whiting recommends Blogger
Blogger logo
Ok, I really have no long list of reasons why I love Blogger but it's FREE and they have not shut down my accounts (I have multiple blogs) for "promoting" website links and products. I am also a huge fan of everything Google. Blogger is a product of Google so my Google account and Blogger go hand in hand. Another reason I love Blogger is how easy it is to switch from a rich text format (easily being able to change fonts, colors, and styles of your text) to the HTML version of your posts. What does this mean? You can essentially create basic HTML formatting without knowing much at all about HTML. Why is that important? We will discuss that in a later portion of this series...

Choose A Niche

When you are first starting out blogging for AVON, I find that it is easier to focus your content based on your actual reason for creating an AVON blog. Outside of increasing your AVON sales, what is it that makes you most passionate about being an AVON Representative? Have AVON's professional skincare products helped you or someone close to you? Do you tend to go crazy when AVON releases new jewelry? Is your closet overflowing with AVON fashions? Or maybe you are really just looking to increase your AVON team? When you focus on your true passion within AVON, you may find that creating content for your AVON blog comes more naturally.

AVON Blog Topics

After narrowing down what aspect of AVON you would like to focus on, it is best to start a list of content you would like to share with the world wide web! Some basic topics include:
  • Introduction -- Who are you? Why AVON?
  • Events -- Have you attended any AVON events? Are you looking forward to any?
  • Your business -- Are you strictly online? Do you toss brochures?
  • Share something you created -- Teach other AVON Reps how to do something for their business
  • Share a product review
  • Share a fun makeup look
  • Share a testimonial
  • Create a buzz for "What's New" with AVON
  • ...get creative. There are no right or wrong topics when blogging.

Edit, Edit, Edit

(Image courtesy of FreePik.com)
Keep in mind that utilizing correct punctuation, grammar, and spelling is always important when communicating for your business via the internet. You do not have to be a seasoned writer to have a successful blog. It is perfectly OK to keep things simple. Remember there are plenty of tools and resources around to help ensure that your blog posts are written well. To help eliminate errors in your blog posts, type your content the exact way you would speak it to potential customer and be sure to use spell check. Many spell check programs have a built-in grammar check as well and will notify you when something may be worded incorrectly. Feel free to have a friend or family member peek over your content before officially posting it online as well.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Many times, I create a rough draft of my blog posts on paper while I am out and about. Keep a notepad or small notebook handy for when a topic pops up. Set aside an amount of time to work on building your business online and stick to it. The topic of time management would be a great blog post in itself but just simply delegating 30 mins-1 hour of time every few days or every week to building your online presence will make a world of difference.

Visual Appeal

Be sure to include something visual in all of your blog posts. These days it seems the text on a site allows search engines to reach your page, while the visual will determine whether people will further explore your content. I suggest using images that you have captured yourself or including a video of yourself talking about the content of your blog post. A great example of this is shown in one of my previous blog posts here.

I feel I have overwhelmed you all with this much. I will give you this time to get your blog set up and to schedule the time you will work on your blog. I will make this a blog series where you can move to more advanced steps of the blogging process that will further increase your online presence, bring your blog up in search engine ranks, and increase traffic. Believe it or not, there is a lot you can do totally free to help your blog!

If you have any questions so far, please drop them in the comments. I love to help others so I look forward to helping out.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

I Bought New Shoes But I've No Where To Go!

I Bought New Shoes But I've No Where To Go!

mark. studded, strappy heels from www.youravon.com/jule
As a busy, working mom, the days for partying and hanging out can be quite scarce. Once you have tackled your entire day's worth of duties and responsibilities (cooking, cleaning, quality time, etc), there isn't much time or energy left to really get out and enjoy some "Mommy free time." About 2 weeks ago, I realized "I bought new shoes but I've no where to go!"
 I cannot be the only exhausted mommy out there who has this problem so I figured I would write this so we can come together and find a way to end this epidemic. For one, many of us mothers are great at filling out time with taking care of our families but when it comes to fitting in a slot for ourselves, we fail. Why is that? Is it motherly instinct? Or is it that we feel guilty for taking time away from our families? Or, perhaps, a combination of it all? For me, it's definitely a combination of endless thoughts that cloud my mind...
I thrive on knowing where everything is, what needs to be done, what has been done, etcetera or my brain is a complete mess! Unfortunately, this means I tend to take on a lot of extra tasks that I should be sharing with my family. My household consists of myself, my husband, my daughter who is 5, and my son who is 3. The tasks my children can help with are still limited at this point due to their ages but I may have to enlist them for more things to help decrease mommy's stress.For example, when I let my husband take on laundry duty, he just doesn't wash my clothes that way I wash them. I have clothing that I want to hang dry so it won't shrink and clothing with colors that can fade if dried on too high of heat. Then, there's my favorite pair of jeans that is on the cusp of no longer fitting that absolutely cannot be dried too long or they will shrink. I may have put on a few pounds (try 60!) by indulging in a little comfort food rather than partaking in social activities. I refuse to face the fact that I may have surpassed the pants size I have worn for many years. This is just one battle. LOL.
When it comes to allowing my husband to be responsible for dinner, he convinces me to consume the unhealthiest of meals that bring on a major onset of "itis" (a fictional condition where someone has to fall asleep after eating a meal). So after indulging in the amazing Hunan Shrimp that I have grown to love, I pass out soon after... putting me behind on the remaining tasks of the evening. Many times, neglecting to turn on my alarm to allow me to get a headstart on the next day.
Wasn't my daughter just in cheerleading a few weeks ago? No, unfortunately, that was a year ago and the time has rolled around to re-enroll her in her newfound pastime. Wait, that means school is out in just TWO days! OMG, I haven't incorporated her being home all day into my daily activities. I am now ready to pull my hair out. So I look to my closet to see a brand new pair of shoes, still in the wrapping, that I have yet to even try on. I bought new shoes but I've no where to go...yet.

Here are some tips to help increase the productivity of your household:

  • Indulge in more cold meals -- sandwiches, subs, salads, raw fruits and veggies are more nutritious, quicker to prepare, and the kids love them!
  • Utilize paper goods to eliminate dishes piling up -- you are not entertaining guests everyday so who cares what you are eating off of! This is especially helpful for messy, cheesy dinners.
  • Invest in a large calendar where you log work schedules, family activities, chores, etc so it is clear to the entire household.
  • Set a schedule and stick to it! Be sure you are not devoting too much time to unnecessary tasks versus those that require more energy.
  • Break up your household cleaning so you are not overwhelmed if dust bunnies have collected on everything! On Monday focus on the kitchen, save Tuesday for bedrooms, Wednesday for living areas, Thursday for foyer, Fridays for outdoors, etc.
Once I re-establish a schedule for my household, I will find that there really is time for me to enjoy those shoes!

If you have any tips to help increase productivity in the average household, please drop them in the comments below.

You, too, can check out some great shoes and other items at a great bargain in my AVON eStore: www.youravon.com/jule

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Absolute Satin Glow Products from AVON

Absolute Satin Glow Products from AVON

Image result for avon satin glow
Reach your ideal shade this summer!
Are you looking to get a headstart on your summer tan? I know I am. I usually don't acquire a nice glow until well into July. My legs tend to stay super light while my arms reach a nice chestnut complexion throughout the summer. If you are looking to get a headstart on your tan like myself, AVON carries multiple tanning products from the Skin So Soft lineup that will help you reach your ideal shade while providing additional benefits for your skin!

Satin Glow Absolute Glow Gel

Darkens & firms skin
Satin Glow Absolute Glow Gel "provides a sun-kissed glow in 3 days" and also "firms skin after 1 week of use." That's truly a win-win for those looking to get swimsuit ready. Be sure to wash excess gel from your hands immediately after use. This item will be on sale in Campaign 12 but is available now at the retail price of $10.00.

Satin Glow Sensational 7-in-1 Glow Body Lotion

Even sunless tan with 7 benefits!
Satin Glow Sensational 7-in-1 Glow Body Lotion is available in two versions to compliment your skin tone. You are sure to be pleased with the aroma of orange, green tea and vanilla that has been infused within. This "sunsational" body lotion provides the following great benefits after just a few days of use:
  • Enhances radiance
  • Firms skin
  • Delivers a sun-kissed glow
  • Flawless-looking skin
  • Evens skintone
  • Softens and smooths skin
  • Provides moisture for 24 hours
This product is great if you have skin imperfections that you would like to mask by evening your skin tone during the summer months. Personally, I have many scars and such that I would like to hide this summer as they get extremely dark when exposed to the sun. Be sure you wash any excess product from your hands when you are done with application. This item will also be on sale in Campaign 12 but is available now for $11.00 (Retail).

Satin Glow Illuminating Moisturizer

A touch of glow and a hint of color!
Satin Glow Illuminating Moisturizer is great for all skin tones! This skin treatment contains "sheer optical illuminators and a hint of color" to allow your skin to glow and immediately hide skin imperfections. Be sure to allow this product to dry before getting dressed and wash your hands after use as well. This product will also be on sale in Campaign 12 but is available now for just $10.00.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Detangle, Separate & Volumize Lashes with Big & Multiplied Mascara!

Detangle, Separate & Volumize Lashes

Introducing... Big & Multiplied Mascara!

You can achieve these results, too!
Introducing Big & Multiplied Mascara, AVON's "first triple threat mascara!" Big & Multiplied Mascara utilizes a revolutionary brush with both brushing and combing zones to give you separated, detangled, volumized lashes with every application. This new mascara also features a new "smart slip" technology that enables the product to stick to your lashes instead of clinging to the applicator.

Take a look at the Big & Multiplied Mascara brush
Combing & brushing bristles of  the Big & Multiplied Mascara

Often times, one will find that they cannot truly mimic the makeup look of the model wearing the product. With the advanced technologies that make up the Big & Multiplied Mascara, you should easily achieve the model's look with little to no practice. I have been waiting for this mascara's release since I learned about it back in November 2015!

Here is a video of me trying AVON's Big & Multiplied Mascara for the very first time!

I have always been a huge fan of mascara. AVON's three "Big" mascaras, Big & False Lash, Big & Daring, and Big & Multiplied have become my favorite mascaras of all-time! Big & Multiplied Mascara has just been released and is only $6.99 for a limited time.

Click here to learn more about Big & Multiplied Mascara.

Big & Multiplied Mascara $6.99 for a limited time!

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New Perfume, Little Black Dress, is Just In Time for Mother's Day

Little Black Dress is Just In Time for Mother's Day

LIMITED TIME! Little Black Dress Gift Set ~ $25 ($40 value)

AVON has re-released the Little Black Dress perfume for the first time since 2001! This "modern classic of sparkling Italian lemon oil and elegant jasmine essence embellished with luxurious sandalwood" makes the perfect fragrance for any special occasion. Designer quality in every way, Little Black Dress is sure to please!

For a limited time, the Little Black Dress collection is just $25 and includes:

  • Little Black Dress Eau de Parfum Spray - 1.7 fl. oz.
  • Little Black Dress Shower Gel - 6.7 fl. oz.
  • Little Black Dress Body Lotion - 6.7 fl. oz.

Watch this snippet of my Little Black Dress review

As I mention in my video, Little Black Dress is definitely made with quality, fragrance ingredients. I have a very sensitive nose and am allergic to many perfumes found in drug stores and your average retail store. I have no reaction when wearing Little Black Dress so that is a great sign. The fragrance lasts for quite some time but not an entire day, which is fine with me. Or could it be that my nose is just used to it after a few hours? Who knows. I really enjoy the fragrance and feel that it will definitely be a continuing hit for AVON customers of all generations. Little Black Dress would make a lovely gift for Mother's Day!

To view products featured in this video & more, visit: http://www.faceandstyle.com/estore

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If you would like to earn an extra $300-500 a month sharing videos of and selling AVON products, I want you on my team!
As an AVON Rep, you will enjoy:
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  • Access to health care
  • Sprint wireless discounts
  • Savings account
  • and more...

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

AVON Sample Club -- March 2016

I have launched a FREE AVON Sample Club and March is the first month of mailings! This month I am focusing on fragrances.

AVON has just re-released Little Black Dress perfume for the first time since 2001! Many customers and Reps are super excited about this release as Little Black Dress is said to be a very elegant fragrance meant for special occasions. Members of my FREE AVON Sample Club for March are receiving a sample of Little Black Dress and a sample of Imari Elixir, an oldie but goodie.

In April, I am looking forward to sending out lipstick samples (while supplies last). These little sample bullets give you approximately 3 lipstick applications so you can really get a feel for the tint and texture. My sample club is absolutely FREE but I hope that sharing these lovely AVON samples will encourage some new sales as well.

Members of my FREE AVON Sample Club will also be the first to know about upcoming product sales and exclusive AVON coupon codes. Right now I have space for 14 more members in order to have a chance to receive free lipstick samples in April!

To join my FREE AVON Sample Club, simply fill out the Sample Request form here: http://www.faceandstyle.com/freeavonsamples.html
I look forward to sending you samples for months to come!

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